Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Office Clean-Outs Easier Than You Think

The thought of cleaning out the office and making a move can be a daunting one. But if you employ the right help, it can be much easier than you ever expected. And when it comes to deciding where to turn for help with your office clean-out, you will want to keep junk removal in mind. While furniture moving companies may be able to help you lift heavy items, most are not equipped to haul away the junk that results from an office move.

 At Capital Junk, our office clean-out system is ideal for those commercial businesses that may be making a move to a new location and will have a need for junk removal at the same time. Our junk-removal service focuses on helping you recycle the clutter that can be recycled, while hauling away what cannot be.

Usually, when companies do an office clean-out, they are left with a lot of trash and junk that needs to be removed. While you are moving, it is the perfect time also to organize and weed through old things you may longer need.

We can help you dispose of old computers, office furniture, and even old appliances. We provide trash hauling and clean-up services for those companies looking to relocate their office, or simply do a clean-out.

Our junk-removal services are available throughout Ottawa. If you have a clean-up project you need to accomplish, partnering with us can help provide a smooth office transition and get you back up and running in less time than you may have thought. Our trained professionals know how to get the job done right, at an affordable price.

Additionally, we at Capital Junk are happy to assist with house clean-outs, including helping to get rid of appliances, yard waste, and scrap metal.

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