Saturday, January 16, 2010

Basement Clean-up Can Be a Breeze

True, the weather outside may be cold and it’s not yet time for spring cleaning, but it is the perfect time of year for doing a basement cleanup. Now is a great time to get down there and do the basement cleanup you know you have been avoiding for a long time!

Throughout the year, most people just continue to take all unwanted items to their basement. Surprisingly, everything from unwanted appliances to old computer parts and even unused paint can pile up down there. While most people do not make it a priority to clean out their basement garbage and rubbish on a yearly basis, if you haven’t done it in the last couple of years, it is surely time!

Just thinking of all the clean up work that needs to be done down there may seem like a daunting task. But don’t let it stop you from starting out the New Year by putting out the old and in with the new. First, take a look at what you have, and make note of any big items that may need to be cleared out, such as unwanted appliances, furniture, or other junk. Removing those larger items is a good place to start, to clear some room. Then get serious about differentiating between the things you really want to keep and what is just junk and clutter. Box up any unwanted debris and get it ready to haul away.

At Capital Junk, we are prepared to help haul away all the clutter you no longer need. And by calling us for your waste removal, you will be doing a good deed by helping keep those items out of a landfill. Much of the unwanted appliances, furniture and computer equipment we receive is recycled. Our junk removal service makes basement cleanup a breeze, even in the middle of winter!

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