Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's Time For Spring Cleaning!

While it may be time again for spring cleaning, most people are not quite sure what to do with all the stuff they’ve cleared out, once they are done. It’s true, spring cleaning can generate its fair share of unwanted junk that needs to be hauled away. But don’t fear, there is an easy solution for this problem – and it’s us!

At Capital Junk, we provide professional junk-removal services that leave you feeling good. And here’s why:

1. When you clear out the clutter, this spring, we are ready to pick it up, no matter what it is. We will happily pick up your old appliances, household junk, old furniture, old tires, old computers, garbage, rubbish, and even old paint.

2. When we pick the items up, they don’t just go straight to a landfill. We have made it our mission to be an eco-friendly company. We are doing our part to help you do your part in caring for the environment. After picking up your unwanted items, we make every effort to recycle as many as possible. We can successfully arrange recycling for such products as old appliances, computers, and scrap metal. We even donate good household items and furniture to local charities in the Ottawa area.

3. While homeowners know and use our business regularly, our service is especially beneficial to offices and rental properties. As spring arrives, rental property managers may find it is time for leases to end and clean-ups to begin. We help rental properties in the Ottawa area take care of all the junk that was left behind by tenants, and we even offer a discounted rate for commercial accounts.

At Capital Junk, we have built a great reputation for being dependable, hard working and eco-friendly. Contact us today to see how we can help you with all your waste-hauling needs.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Avoiding the Ottawa landfill is easy, with Capital Junk!

If you are like most people, you do not know much about what happens to all the junk that you put out at the roadside to be hauled away, each week. Sure, you walk it out to the curb, a large truck hauls it away, and you bring your garbage can back in. But there is more to it than that, and it can be a big problem, considering that the area produces around 212,000 tonnes of residential waste each year that is sent to landfills.

Because of this, it is important for people to practice what is called “waste diversion,” which is the process of minimizing the amount of waste that is sent to a landfill. One way to do that is through recycling. During 2005 alone, the Ottawa recycling program sold more than 66,000 tonnes of recyclables, amounting to around $7.9 million.

The more items that can be recycled, the better for the planet and the city’s waste removal budget. After all, in 2004, putting trash into landfills cost the area nearly $19 million. So what can you do to help with waste diversion, beyond your curbside recycling program? A lot!

Many larger items that people routinely set out as trash can actually be recycled. These items, such as appliances, furniture, old computers, and even scrap metal, can all be picked up by Capital Junk. We make every effort to get items recycled, and we make the entire process easy for you. So the next time you need to get rid of junk and clutter, or need waste hauling, give us a call.

Calling us for a junk pickup is the next smart step toward keeping things out of the landfill and getting them recycled. We specialize in helping residential and commercial clients with cleanup waste, basement cleanups, curbside appliance pickup services, and more.