Monday, June 7, 2010

5 Tips for Having a Great Garage Sale

It is garage sale time around Ottawa! Here are five tips to keep in mind that can help you have a great garage sale:

1. Get the word out. Whether you are advertising in the local paper or putting up flyers on the grocery store bulletin board, let people know about the sale. And don’t forget to use the Internet to get the word out. Check out Ottawa Garage Sales, which lets you add your sale for free.
2. Display nicely. While you may think of it as junk, others may find it to be a treasure. Whether it is old appliances, furniture or household items, you can make it more appealing in your display.
3. Be flexible. While putting a price on everything is ideal, keep in mind that you should try to be flexible and negotiate with people. After all, you have it out there because you don’t want it, and you probably don’t want to still be stuck with it at the end of the sale, either.
4. Have good signage. Nobody likes it when they try to find a garage sale and instead find themselves driving in circles, unable to locate it. It is important to have good signage that provides proper directions to your location.
5. Clear it out. After the sale is over, cherry pick what you still want to keep and/or give away. Then arrange for Capital Junk to pick up the rest and haul it away for you. That is the best way to ensure that it doesn’t continue to clutter up the house.

At Capital Junk, we provide a hassle-free junk hauling service; we will pick up and haul away everything from mattresses and appliances to old tires and household junk. We also do it in an eco-friendly way, helping to keep Ottawa beautiful by recycling and reusing as many items as possible. And when you book your appointment online, we’ll even give you a $10 discount.

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