Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's coming!

If you haven't already heard, the Green Bin is coming to Ottawa!

The Green Bin program has been up and running in thousands of communities over the past several years now and starting in January 2010, the citizens of Ottawa will be included.

Capital Junk is very excited about the arrival of these bins to local residences across the city.  It is another way we can all become involved in an environmental program and make a difference!

The Ottawa Green Bin program is a recycling program which takes food waste and turns it into compost for agricultural use.  By using the green bin we are helping the city feed the land, and not our landfills.

Delivery of the green bin will take place between September and December 2009.  Curbside collection will then commence January of next year on your regular garbage collection day.

One particular peice of information we just became aware of and find very exciting is that the materials collected will be processed at 'Orgaworld', a large, state-of-the-art composting facility located right here in Ottawa where the green waste is converted to useable compost.

Items you can place in the green bin range from vegetables and fruits, tea bags and sauces to yard waste and even kitty litter..we will all soon have an eco-friendly option to dispose of so many day-to-day household materials that just end up in landfills.

Capital Junk cares for the environment and is committed to supporting it by ways of reusing and recycling the junk we collect in order to keep items out of local landfills.  To know that Ottawa residences will soon have another way to help the environment and another way to help reduce the materials put into our landfills, is very exciting to us and we hope you too will pitch in and make the green bin a success!

*For more details on the collection of green bin waste, check your 2009-2011 Collection Calendar.

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