Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's in the air...

As we move farther into the month of October, the chilly mornings and smell of winter in the air reminds us even more that the snow will be falling soon.

As much as many of us are not thrilled about the idea of all that cold, white stuff appearing across the city, it does make us start to think about wanting to be able to park our car in the garage during those winter months.

However, for this to happen for many of us it requires clearing out some of that old junk before there is room to park a vehicle.

If you have a friend, family member, neighbor or even yourself who's garage has been taken over by piles of unwanted items and would like the ability to park a vehicle in the garage during those cold, snowy months, have them call Capital Junk or conveniently go online to to schedule an appointment for removal.

A team will arrive on site, give an upfront quote and will then quickly and efficiently haul and load all their items out of the garage and onto the truck and then take them away to dispose of properly.

But don’t wait too long; winter is just around the corner!

Capital Junk believes not all junk is garbage and we work hard at finding ways to keep your unwanted items out of our local landfills!

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