Thursday, September 3, 2009

Better Than Bins

Often we receive phone calls and emails from potential customers inquiring about renting a disposal bin, also known as dumpsters.

Capital Junk is a full-service junk removal company and our bins are fixed to our trucks therefore unable to drop-off and pick back up.

In many ways we are similar to a disposal or dumpster bin in terms of what we can help you dispose of - however we offer you so much more value!

Here are a few reasons why Capital Junk is better than a bin rental....

1. Lower costs - We only charge for the space (or volume) you use where as you are normally
charged for the entire bin wether you use the space or not with a drop-off.

2. Environmentally Friendly - Capital Junk is committed to recycling and reusing the items collected and keep as much as 70% from landfills. Many rental bin companies do not practice this.

3. All labour is included - Our full-service includes the hauling, loading and clean-up of your items or materials. When renting a bin the customer is responsible for filling
it themselves.....we do it for you!

The next time you are considering a bin rental, keep these points in mind when making your decsion and what works best for you.

Please call or send us an email at with any questions regarding our service or to set-up an appointment for a quick and hassle free pick-up at a time convenient for you!

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