Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Off and Running !
We often get asked the question “ what do you guys do with all the junk you pick-up?” It is a very good question and an important one to ask.
Capital Junk is a company who has taken a positive stand towards helping the environment. Any good, quality household or office items, such as furniture, books, clothing, pictures, and so on are donated to local Ottawa charities; metal is separated and recycled as well as any paper and cardboard that we collect. We are also able to recycle wood and old car tires.
Capital Junk is happy to announce that over 50 tones of waste was diverted from the landfill in our first month in operation, our amazing staff did an outstanding job on the trucks sorting and diverting a massive amount of material away from landfill sites.

Thanks Ottawa for all of your support

And Be sure to check our site www.CapitalJunk.ca for weekly specials

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